• One-key positioning
    • Minimal C-ARM design with large angle rotation
    • Easy to satisfy multi-positional imaging requirements : upright , supine , lateral , axial and many other special positions
    •  Well-Knit structure , less space occupation .
    • Fast screening for physical examination .
    • More flexible to the patient in emergency .
    • Image processing : image enhancement , balance , noise reduction .
    • Image grey scale can be adjusted automatically or manually .
    • Specific screening program for pneumoconiosis
    • Ergonomic Designed 4-ways Floating Table
    • Satisfying imaging requirements from various of body positionings
    • Precise Each Exposures
    • Auto tracking between the tube-collimator and the detector , always keep matched in line
    • Automatic positiong tracking
    • Automatic collimator
    • Intelligent Five-axis simultaneous operations
    • Customized intelligent one-click positioning function
    • Wireless remote control
    • Collision avoidance safety system
    • Electric lift imaging bed
    • DAP system
    • Three-field ionization chamber
    • Concealed tank chain
    • Automatic orthopedic stitching function
    • Full-size flat-panel detector
    • The slimmest shape design : The width of main body of the digital X-RAY system is only 54 cm which enables it be applied to different areas .
    • The lowest equipment height : The height of whole equipment is only 135 cm , which ensures the technicians' sight is clear during movement .
    • The precise positioning control : The bottons of precise positioning control could slightly and slowly turn the position and direction of the machine for better placement .
    • Full dimensional movement : The control of rotating column and telescopic arm allow the collimator to be suspended on any height in range, and the tube-collimator assembly could cover 360 degrees of rotation .
    • The superb mobility : The function of electric-assisted wheels with handlebar and brake is specially designed for female carriers . It can be easy moved fast and be controlled on slope (up to 12 degree), which perform its superb movement control .
    • One-year electricity reserved : The built-in battery of the system is designed for back-up use on emergency . Moreover , the electrical capacity after a full charge could be reserved for 1 year .
    • Two Power-supplied Modes : The 7200 series is powered by an uniterrupted or a built-in battery alternatively . The battery would be fully auto-charged when power connected .
    • Super-fast-3- hours Charging (Optional) : The optional super-fast charging mode could quickly charge the battery up to 100% SOC within 3 hours , which much shortens a regular charging time for 5 hours.
    • A hundred KM of Movement : The device may be moved for at least 100 km on full battery charge .
    • 1200 Times of Exposures : Supports more than 1200 times of exposures for a fully charged battery( standard adult chest radiography) .
    • Infinite Possibilities
    • Wireless Transmission : The brand-new wireless flat panel detector and 5G network transmission get rid of unnecessary cables .
    • Four Exposure Modes : Hand-switch , remote control , softer timer and visual console .
    • Remote control : The system supports remote control with an effective distance for 15 meters , which avoids signal obstruction due to walls .
    • Sensitive Collision-prevent Design : The system includes a preposed automatic brake . The trolley would brake automatically , once it detected obstacles ahead .
    • Optional Chest- Radiography Stand ad mobile imaging bed 
    • DAP system
    • Ease of transportation  : The Keen Ray DR50M is quite light , with a storage box , which makes it easy-to-be-transported.
    • Flexible application : The Keen Ray DR50M is flexible and convenient for use , which to maximized meet various of applied occasions and physical positions.
    • Simple Design : The Keen Ray DR50M is designed for simple assemblage , which includes a portable stand with four universal wheels and a suspension assembly head.
    • Small Occupied Space : The area used and the and the size of X-RAY system are pretty small , which is idealized for storage.
    • Interactive Design : 10'' touch screen with multiple APR can better your using experience.
    • Advanced flat panel technology making it easier to detect small and low contrast objects : 1) 24X30 CM large field of view , accomodates nearly all breast sizes , 2) It translates into the image with high spatial resolution , high contrast and low dose .
    • Deliberate design of tube-head ensures consistent image quality while minimizing the workload : 1) 180 to 180 degree seamless rotation of the tube-head , while the center of flat panel remain in the same position , letting you transfer to the next exam just by pushing a button , 2) Unique design of C-ARM tube head rotation eliminates trembling and minimizing errors .
    • Simple one-button operation workflow : 1) Single touch position : Move the tube head from cranio-caudal to mediolatera-oblique in an instant with a single touch , 2) Single-Touch Exposure : For checking the implementation of process management , the system can be preset by the user according to the new procedure , to complete all the process automatically , also check steps to make your workflow smoothly , 3) Single-Touch switch ON/OFF : Innovative design of electricity system making sure single touch to switch on/off  the whole system including the generator , 4) Single-Touch Recovery : One-Button recovery system functions , complete user management , to avoid loss of data , to ensure data security
    • Ergonomic design make the mammography procedure more comfortable and safe : 1) Small tube head design , positioning the patient more comfortable , you can take a wider range of breast tissue , 2) Compression paddle design with rounded corners , flexible towing breasts , increases patient comfort , and thus gets more breast tissue , 3) Intelligent flexible compression , the compression paddle can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the pressure , and ensure uniform oppression according to the outline of the breast , 4) Automatic compression and quick release , it can choose the best pressure according to different thickness and density of the breast . The operator can stop compression in the optimum stage to ensure the best image quality and improve patient comfortable . The pressure control will be released immediately & automatically after exposure , in order to reduce the compression time and patients's pain .
    • Friendly workstation : User-friendly workstation compatible for DICOM 3.0 , which seamless connects RIS/HIS/PACS system, and operator can process patient information , image edition , APR options , printing , transmitting all together in one integrated work-flow .
    • High Level digital mammography image processing : 1) High Quality Fluent Imaging (HQFI) , unique HQFI accomodates all the needs of clinic digitalization , including the gray color balance , optimization , enhancement , and creates the high quality images to users , 2) DPE functions introduce the analysis of tissue density and noise to obtain the clear of subtle objects , 3) Diagnostic Image Optimization ensuring diagnostic quality images while increasing the visual comfort of the image , reducing fatigue .
    • Available for future upgrading with biopsy and 3D Breast Tomosynthesis : Due to high demand of market , the first version of LUNA-MINI reserves the interface for future upgrading with biopsy and 3D Breast Tomosynthesis , customer may choose to upgrade instead of buying new machine .
      i-Vision workstation
    •  ABS : The ABS could always automatically keep the best imaging condition of brightness for radiography on different positions and body parts without manual setting. ( for DRF only)
    • DICOM : Supporting standard DICOM 3.0 protocol, which could fast connect to RIS/HIS system and PC workstation for data transmission .
    • Case Management : Patients information can automatically obtain from the hospital HIS system or RIS system then establish records on local PC.
    • APR : The preseted APR is a helpful tool to quickly complete exposures for all kinds of patients with imaging demands of different anatomical positions .
    • DAP : The real-time radiographic dose can display on the screen for dose control and scientific research use .
      Features of Ladiva+
    • The combination  laser with 4 bars 1064 nm , 3 bars 808 nm  and 3 bars 755 nm . It can treat all skin types hair removal and the effect is much better than individual laser. Preheating , hair removal and assist are doing at the same time , more effective and comfortable
    • Permanent hair removal of all color hairs on all 6 skin types , including tanned skin
    • High efficient : 1-10 Hz (10 pulses-per-second) with in-motion  treatment
    • Sapphire contact cooling technology , PAIN-FREE hair removal
    • Humanized handpiece design , save more effort of operator and avoid accident happened during long time treatment
    • Quick American-made ''plug-and play'' connection plugs , 2 million times to plug-in/out , long lifespan
    • Advanced US technology , separately water and electricity automatically , very safe
    • User-friendly software , background parameter setting , easy operation
    • 4 protection systems , high security for patients , operator and machine
    • Scientific internal structure , provides constant temperature environment to the bars , prolong the handle's lifespan
    • Premium German laser bar with power : 1200 watt
    • Cooling system
      1. American-made radiators , improves the efficiency of refrigeration 2 times
      2. Constant cooling system , keeps water temperature to 26-28 oC  all the time
      3. 24 hours working continuously
      4. Chill tip technology keeps the tip at 0-3 oC in treatment , no pain and more comfortable
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