• Non- invasive , non-surgical
    • Fast treatment in about 25 minutes
    • Versatility in treating different areas of stubborn fat
    • Precise targeting of adipocytes without damaging the surrounding tissue
    • Results can be seen quickly , 2 treatments can reduce 13 % of the cellulite
    • Advanced contact cooling technology for optimal patient comfort
    • Controlled temperature technology , around 42 °C - 47 °C
    • No downtime
    • Why choose us ?
      1. Flat , no vacuum handle makes treatment comfortable
      2. Germany imported laser source guarantees the clinic effect
      3. Diode laser source is set in the handle , no light loss for transmission , enjoying the best energy
      4. Real sapphire transfer cooling without delay
      5. Four hands-free applicators enable multiple areas treatment in the meantime
    • Dead skin Exfoliator removal , skin impurities removal  and skin cleaning
    • Skin rejuvenation , improve skin dull , improve skin quality
    • Deep cleansing of the skin , while hydrating the skin , nourishment
    • Removing blackheads , improve skin relaxation , reduce pores , increase skin transparency
    • Facial RF probe : Face lifting , skin lifting around eyes , wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation
    • Cooling freeze probe : Face tightening , make the sensitive an ice cool feeling , remove the red spots
    • O2 spray keep the facial moisture , Oxygen Jet to make skin refresh and skin rejuvenation
    • Hemorrhoids , seborrheic alopecia , clearing allergens of skin
    • Using a new patented technology SuperPulse from the Vacuum , the best results are achieved for cellulite reduction and body reshaping management
    • Endormologie function with no pain and high quantity of motion
    • Able to control the level of Vacuum and release to achieve the best results
    • User is able to enjoy the smooth and gentle sensation of the *Sliding technology
    • 15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity
    • Application Effects of Multi-polar RF
      1. Increases intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heat
      2. Increases the microcirculation
      3. Actively promotes the degradation and lipid metabolism of fat cells
      4. Ensures tightening of the collagen fibers
      5. Improves the elasticity and firming of the skin
      6. Light therapy effect via RF technology
      7. No pain, effective & completely safe
      Effects of Vacuum
      1. Promotes lymphatic and degraded fat cells
    • Technical principle of Mesogun 1) 450m/s supersonic speed, combined with the ultrasound frequency, tailored treatments. Combining unique TDA needle-free transdermal technology, injecting the nutrition to skin cells in 450 mph (fastest) injection speed. Hyaluronic acid is considered to have an unique capacity to hold moisture, which deeply hydrates your skin, eliminates fine lines and wrinkle, makes your skin moist and smooth. 2) Three kinds of hyaluronic acid: can supplement water, keep water and moisturize the skin.Three kinds of hyaluronic acid: can supplement water, keep water and moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic acid: nourishing cuticle, refresh the skin. Double hyaluronic acid (HA): keep water and moisturize the skin. Nano hyaluronic acid: moisturize the skin, maintain every cell moisturized. 3) High-end injection products, awakening the cell vitality . Not only have three kinds of hyaluronic acid, but also have high-end injection products such as PRP autologous cells, collagen and botox, which can awaken the cell regeneration function, reproduced in repairing the rupture of withered skin cells, reshape firming smooth elastic skin in a short period of time. Technique advantages of Mesogun
      1. Safe : No invasive , no surgery, no downtime
      2. Penetration: special pernetration technology make it possible to deliver the nutritive substance to dermis layer
      3. Absorption: Nano-nutrients can be absorbed perfectly by the skin cells
      4. Combination: different kinds of application, can be used before treatment, during treatment, after treatment.
      1. Moisturizer
      Hyaluronic acid is equivalent to one liter water, Needle-Free mesotherapy is used for complementing hyaluronic acid , As a result,it helps water molecule permeate deep skin. 2.Improve complexion Needle-Free mesotherapy treatment help to increase the skin metabolism, also exhaust the melanin.Moistening,whitening and deep hydrating. 3.Shrink pores Needle-Free mesotherapy adopt mesotherapy ,to take good care of your complexion and close the pores. Lifting and smooth the skin. 4.Remove winkle Needle-Free Mesotherapy treatment has good effect on wrinkle removal. 1g hyaluronic acid equivalent to 16 times collagen. It lifts the sagging skin, neutralizes facial wrinkle, firm the skin.
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