• The slimmest shape design : The width of main body of the digital X-RAY system is only 54 cm which enables it be applied to different areas .
  • The lowest equipment height : The height of whole equipment is only 135 cm , which ensures the technicians’ sight is clear during movement .
  • The precise positioning control : The bottons of precise positioning control could slightly and slowly turn the position and direction of the machine for better placement .
  • Full dimensional movement : The control of rotating column and telescopic arm allow the collimator to be suspended on any height in range, and the tube-collimator assembly could cover 360 degrees of rotation .
  • The superb mobility : The function of electric-assisted wheels with handlebar and brake is specially designed for female carriers . It can be easy moved fast and be controlled on slope (up to 12 degree), which perform its superb movement control .
  • One-year electricity reserved : The built-in battery of the system is designed for back-up use on emergency . Moreover , the electrical capacity after a full charge could be reserved for 1 year .
  • Two Power-supplied Modes : The 7200 series is powered by an uniterrupted or a built-in battery alternatively . The battery would be fully auto-charged when power connected .
  • Super-fast-3- hours Charging (Optional) : The optional super-fast charging mode could quickly charge the battery up to 100% SOC within 3 hours , which much shortens a regular charging time for 5 hours.
  • A hundred KM of Movement : The device may be moved for at least 100 km on full battery charge .
  • 1200 Times of Exposures : Supports more than 1200 times of exposures for a fully charged battery( standard adult chest radiography) .
  • Infinite Possibilities

  • Wireless Transmission : The brand-new wireless flat panel detector and 5G network transmission get rid of unnecessary cables .
  • Four Exposure Modes : Hand-switch , remote control , softer timer and visual console .
  • Remote control : The system supports remote control with an effective distance for 15 meters , which avoids signal obstruction due to walls .
  • Sensitive Collision-prevent Design : The system includes a preposed automatic brake . The trolley would brake automatically , once it detected obstacles ahead .
  • Optional Chest- Radiography Stand ad mobile imaging bed 
  • DAP system
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  • The slimmest shape design
  • The lowest equipment height
  • The precise positioning control
  • Full dimensional movement
  • The superb mobility
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