• Non- invasive , non-surgical
  • Fast treatment in about 25 minutes
  • Versatility in treating different areas of stubborn fat
  • Precise targeting of adipocytes without damaging the surrounding tissue
  • Results can be seen quickly , 2 treatments can reduce 13 % of the cellulite
  • Advanced contact cooling technology for optimal patient comfort
  • Controlled temperature technology , around 42 °C – 47 °C
  • No downtime
  • Why choose us ?

    1. Flat , no vacuum handle makes treatment comfortable
    2. Germany imported laser source guarantees the clinic effect
    3. Diode laser source is set in the handle , no light loss for transmission , enjoying the best energy
    4. Real sapphire transfer cooling without delay
    5. Four hands-free applicators enable multiple areas treatment in the meantime

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The 1060nm diode laser has a high affinity for subcutaneous adipose tissue . The energy transmitted by the laser causes the molecules in the irradiated tissue to move , create heat , then raise the temperature between 42 °C and 47 °C . Around this temperature , the cell membrane structural integrity of the target adipocyte will be broken down , then leads the cells inactivation . During the next several months , the dead adipocytes can be eliminated by lymphatic metabolism , thereby achieving the effect of slimming and shaping .

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